Self-Quarantine Winlink Drill 06/04/20


This Thursday, we’ll build upon previous exercises and incorporate multiple elements of communications. Like last week, if you’re mobile, you’re encouraged to check-in from one of the shelter locations listed below.

The first step will be to check-in to our coordination net on 146.580 FM Simplex, where we’ll do a brief round of informals, then you’ll be asked to send traffic (if you are equipped to do so), via Winlink. If you’re at one of the shelter locations, try connecting to the Maine Packet Network via whichever node you are closest to. If you’re a home station, you can connect to Winlink via any method you prefer.

You may use any message format or form that you’d like, however we ask that if you reply to a message, please reply using the same format as the original.

If you’re new to Winlink, click here for a brief overview to help you get started.

Here’s a list of the shelter locations:

  • Brunswick High School
  • Falmouth High School
  • Gorham Middle School
  • Gray-New Gloucester High School
  • Greely Middle School
  • Lakes Region High School
  • Portland Expo Building
  • Scarborough High School
  • South Portland High School
  • South Portland Community Center
  • Westbrook High School
  • Windham High School


Catch you on the air!


Self-Quarantine Winlink Drill


Getting stir crazy yet? We have a new challenge for you! Join us this Thursday, from 7PM-8PM for the “Self-Quarantine Winlink Drill.” Building on the success of our recent simplex drills, we’re adding a Winlink component.

The purpose will be to relay radiogram messages via Winlink, by connecting to the RMS network using any method you prefer. One option is to connect by VHF, through the Maine Packet Network, or you could connect to a Winlink node via HF.

The drill begins at 7PM Thursday evening. In the meantime, if you haven’t used Winlink before, the first step is to download Winlink Express, and click here to follow the instructions for “How To Get An Account.” First time users can find lots of helpful info, including video links on the website.

Once you’re up and running, get familiar with how to send a message, post it to the outbox, and what templates are available. For this exercise, we’ll use the RRI Radiogram.txt form template (see below). Choose the Region 1 Liaison to send your message.


The suggested content of your Radiogram is “What method I used to send my message.”

Catch you on the air!