Self-Quarantine SKYWARN Drill 05/14/20 Net Report


Thanks to everyone who checked in and participated! We had a good turnout on both simplex and DMR, with 10 check-ins! The purpose of the drill was to expose participants to the SKYWARN simplex frequency and the Severe Weather Report form, test our simplex coverage, and also test out the SKYWARN DMR Talk Group. In addition, we encouraged those who could not check-in on either simplex or DMR to send weather reports to WX1GYX via Winlink.

The simplex portion of the net started on time, at 7:00 PM (2300 UTC), on 146.595. Net Control: KB1HNZ Tim, in Saco. We had 6 check-ins and handled 6 pieces of weather traffic:

KC1HBL Ben, mobile in Scarborough, ME (2301 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
K1MGR Greg, in Scarborough, ME (2302 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
KB1FGF Dave, in Scarborough, ME (Pine Point) (2303 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
KB1HUU Dave, in Lyman, ME (2303UTC), Traffic handled: 1
AB1VX Larry, in Acton, ME (2307 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
WX1GYX op. N1RXR Eric, in New Gloucester, ME (2310 UTC), Traffic handled: 6

The Simplex Net was secured at 7:12 PM (2312 UTC), after a round of informals.

The DMR net started at 7:15 PM on the SKYWARN DMR Talk Group 759. Net Control: KB1HNZ Tim, in Saco. We had 4 check-ins and handled 2 pieces of weather traffic:

K1MGR Greg, in Scarborough, ME (2315 UTC), No traffic
KB1HUU Dave, in Lyman, ME (2315UTC), No traffic
W1CUI Dan, in Barrington, NH (2317 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
N1KMX Scott, in Weymouth, MA (2318 UTC), Traffic handled: 1

The DMR net was secured at 7:21 PM (0021 UTC).

Two reports were received via Winlink.

All the weather traffic over the voice nets were relayed either directly or by Winlink, to SKYWARN liaison N1RXR, who checked in as WX1GYX.



Self-Quarantine Simplex Drill #2


Still got the self-quarantine blues? We have a solution for that! Pick up yourt microphone and join us this Thursday evening from 7PM – 8PM for the “Self Quarantine Simplex Drill #2.”

The purpose of this drill will be to relay messages of Ham Radio Humor using the ICS-213 message format, via 2 Meter FM Simplex. The participant that relays the most traffic and establishes contact with the most others, wins a prize!

The drill begins at 7PM Thursday evening on 146.580 FM Simplex.

Catch you on the air!