2021 Maine QSO Party Results

Congratulations to 2021 MEQP overall winner, Joe Blinick K1JB, of Portland, Maine! Joe scored a total of 217,905 points, making 990 QSO’s! For 2021, we received 207 logs from 6 different countries, 27 U.S. States, 2 Canadian Provinces, and 7 Maine Counties. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Michael Snook W7LG, from Lewiston, PA, captured the Single Operator QRP (SOQRP) category with 3,915 points. Robert Coakley KX1E, from Portland, ME, won the Single Operator Low Power (SOLP) category with 15,300 points. This year’s overall winner, Joe Blinick K1JB, won the Single Operator High Power (SOHP) category with 217,905 points. In Multi Op, Stefania (K1GJY) and Tim (KB1HNZ) Watson, who operated as YO/KB1HNZ from Baicoi, Romania, won the Multi-Operator High Power (MOHP) category with 127,428 points, and also placed second overall.

In the club competition, the Yankee Clipper Contest Club took the top spot, with 3 log entries totaling 220,333 points. Congratulations!

For complete results, including State, Province, National, and Maine County winners, click here.

The 2022 Maine QSO Party will take place the last full weekend of September, (9/24 – 9/25). Click here for complete rules and details.