Meeting On-the-Air Reminder 05/21/2020


Join us this Thursday, May 21st, from 7:00PM – 8:00PM on the 147.090 repeater, for our monthly business meeting on-the-air.

On the agenda, we’ll be asking if members have tried out anything new in the hobby in recent weeks, talk about the recent Self-Quarantine Simplex Drills, and discuss options for Field Day 2020.

See you there!



Self-Quarantine SKYWARN Drill 05/14/20 Net Report


Thanks to everyone who checked in and participated! We had a good turnout on both simplex and DMR, with 10 check-ins! The purpose of the drill was to expose participants to the SKYWARN simplex frequency and the Severe Weather Report form, test our simplex coverage, and also test out the SKYWARN DMR Talk Group. In addition, we encouraged those who could not check-in on either simplex or DMR to send weather reports to WX1GYX via Winlink.

The simplex portion of the net started on time, at 7:00 PM (2300 UTC), on 146.595. Net Control: KB1HNZ Tim, in Saco. We had 6 check-ins and handled 6 pieces of weather traffic:

KC1HBL Ben, mobile in Scarborough, ME (2301 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
K1MGR Greg, in Scarborough, ME (2302 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
KB1FGF Dave, in Scarborough, ME (Pine Point) (2303 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
KB1HUU Dave, in Lyman, ME (2303UTC), Traffic handled: 1
AB1VX Larry, in Acton, ME (2307 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
WX1GYX op. N1RXR Eric, in New Gloucester, ME (2310 UTC), Traffic handled: 6

The Simplex Net was secured at 7:12 PM (2312 UTC), after a round of informals.

The DMR net started at 7:15 PM on the SKYWARN DMR Talk Group 759. Net Control: KB1HNZ Tim, in Saco. We had 4 check-ins and handled 2 pieces of weather traffic:

K1MGR Greg, in Scarborough, ME (2315 UTC), No traffic
KB1HUU Dave, in Lyman, ME (2315UTC), No traffic
W1CUI Dan, in Barrington, NH (2317 UTC), Traffic handled: 1
N1KMX Scott, in Weymouth, MA (2318 UTC), Traffic handled: 1

The DMR net was secured at 7:21 PM (0021 UTC).

Two reports were received via Winlink.

All the weather traffic over the voice nets were relayed either directly or by Winlink, to SKYWARN liaison N1RXR, who checked in as WX1GYX.



Self-Quarantine Winlink Drill


Getting stir crazy yet? We have a new challenge for you! Join us this Thursday, from 7PM-8PM for the “Self-Quarantine Winlink Drill.” Building on the success of our recent simplex drills, we’re adding a Winlink component.

The purpose will be to relay radiogram messages via Winlink, by connecting to the RMS network using any method you prefer. One option is to connect by VHF, through the Maine Packet Network, or you could connect to a Winlink node via HF.

The drill begins at 7PM Thursday evening. In the meantime, if you haven’t used Winlink before, the first step is to download Winlink Express, and click here to follow the instructions for “How To Get An Account.” First time users can find lots of helpful info, including video links on the website.

Once you’re up and running, get familiar with how to send a message, post it to the outbox, and what templates are available. For this exercise, we’ll use the RRI Radiogram.txt form template (see below). Choose the Region 1 Liaison to send your message.


The suggested content of your Radiogram is “What method I used to send my message.”

Catch you on the air!


Self-Quarantine Simplex Drill #2 – Net Report


Self Quarantine Simplex Drill #2 – Net Report

Thanks to everyone who checked in and participated! We had a great turnout with 9 check-ins, and handled 13 messages altogether. Besides giving us an opportunity to practice our traffic handling skills – this time using the ICS-213 message format, the exercise helps us to determine who can hear each other, and which ops could serve as key stations during an actual emergency net on simplex.

Congrats to Paul KB1IAW, who contacted 5 stations directly and handled 5 pieces of traffic! Paul is our winner! Our honorable mentions go out to Ben KC1HBL, and Waylon KC1HJN, who each contacted 5 stations directly, and handled 4 pieces of traffic. Great job, everyone! See the net report below:

The net started on time, at 7:00 PM. Net Control: KB1HNZ Tim, in Saco.
We had 9 check-ins, and 1 listener:

KB1IAW Paul, in North Yarmouth (2300 UTC)
Contacted 5 stations: KC1HJN, KC1HBL, KB1HNZ, KB1PLY, KC1HJK. Traffic handled: 5

K1MGR Greg, in South Portland /mobile (2301 UTC)
Was operating another net simultaneously, but contacted 2 stations: KB1IAW, and KB1HNZ

KB1PLY Rory, in Saco (2302 UTC)
Contacted 2 stations: KB1HNZ, KC1HBL. Traffic handled: 3

KC1AOT Ron, in Denmark (2303 UTC)
Contacted 4 stations: KC1HBL, KB1IAW, KC1HJN, and NB9D. Traffic handled: 1

KC1HBL Ben, in Buxton (2303 UTC)
Contacted 5 stations: KB1PLY, KB1IAW, KB1HNZ, KC1HJN, KC1JMH. Traffic handled: 4

KC1HJN Waylon, in Windham (2305 UTC)
Contacted 5 stations: NB9D, KC1HBL, KB1IAW, KC1AOT, KC1HJK. Traffic handled: 4

KC1HJK Eric, in New Gloucester (2314 UTC)
Early check-out, but contacted 4 stations: KC1HBL, KC1HJN, KB1IAW, NB9D. Traffic handled: 3

KC1JMH Brad, in North Waterboro (2320 UTC)
Contacted 1 station: KC1HBL. Traffic handled: 2

NB9D Neil, in Paris (2330 UTC)
Contacted 4 stations: KC1HBL, KB1IAW, KC1HJN, KC1HJK

KC1DFQ Margaret, in Westbrook (Listening)
Could hear 3 stations: KC1HBL, KC1HJN, and KB1IAW.




VE Exam in Gorham Tonight

Troy Dennen NW1B, Thom Watson W1WMG, and Charlie Shepard W1CPS, oversee an exam at the Gorham Recreation Department in 2015. 

If you’re ready to upgrade, or trying for your first license, tonight is the night! The Wireless Society of Southern Maine will be hosting a VE Exam at 7PM at the Gorham Recreation Department, in Gorham, Maine. The Recreation Department is best accessed via Ballpark Road.

Walk-ins are welcome, so there’s no need to sign up. Please bring a valid photo ID if you are planning on taking a test, and there is also a $15.00 test fee payable in either cash or check, made out to ARRL VEC.

See you there!


2019 Maine 2m FM Simplex Challenge Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 2019 2 Meter FM Simplex Challenge winners! Stefania Watson, K1GJY, from Saco, Maine, who made 119 QSOs and 38 bonus points, in 17 different towns, for a total of 2,669 points, took the overall win. Stefania operated mobile from 29 different locations during the contest. In the categories, Eric Emery KC1HJK, who operated as WX1GYX from the National Weather Service, in Gray, won the Medium Fixed class, in a close battle with Ara Kemezys  AC1FB, and Brad Brown KC1JMH, who operated as WS1EC from the Cumberland County EMA.  Dakota Dumont KB1YYC won QRP Mobile over Greg Dean K1ME, and Rick Alderette KB1ASM won the Fixed High Category.

Please click here for a complete run down of the 2019 results.

Here’s a point-to-point study of K1GJY’s contacts from the 2019 Maine 2 Meter FM Simplex Challenge

The 2020 2 Meter FM Challenge is coming up soon, on Saturday, March 28th. Click here for more information and complete rules.