Self Quarantine Simplex Drill – 04/30/2020 Net Report


Thanks to everyone who checked in and participated! We had a total of 6 check-ins and handled 5 messages. This was the first time we’ve done a net on the 70 cm band, operating on 446.500, and we learned quite a bit about signal coverage, characteristics of the band, and the capability of our own stations. For many who checked in this was their first simplex contact on 440 MHz. One notable difference between 440 and 2 meters, was the amount of fading (QSB) in the signals.

The net started on time, at 7:00 PM. Net Control: KB1HNZ Tim, in Saco, assisted by Peter KC1HBM, in Scarborough.

We had 6 check-ins:

KC1HBM Peter, in Scarborough (2231 UTC)
Contacted 5 stations: KB1HNZ, KC1HBL, KC1JMH, N1RXR, KB1IAW, and W1SFS. Traffic handled: 2

KC1HBL Ben, in Buxton (2304 UTC)
Contacted 2 stations: KC1JMH, and KC1HBM

KC1JMH Brad, mobile in Waterboro (2310 UTC)
Contacted 3 stations: KC1HBM, KC1HBL, and KB1IAW

N1RXR Eric, in New Gloucester (2318 UTC)
Contacted 2 stations: KC1HBM, and KB1IAW. Traffic handled: 2

KB1IAW Paul, in North Yarmouth (2328 UTC)
Contacted 4 stations: N1RXR, KC1HBL, KC1HBM, and KC1JMH

W1SFS Jason, in Scarborough (2330 UTC)
Contacted 4 stations: KB1IAW, KC1HBM, KC1HBL, and KC1JMH