My CW Academy Experience

Great article by James Suprenant AB1DQ:


I earned my first amateur radio license, the gateway Technician ticket, in March of 2002 at the age of 37. It had been a lifelong goal to become a ham radio operator every since the radio bug first bit back in the 1970s when I spent countless hours in my grandfather’s radio/TV workshop melting solderandinto the early 1980s when C.B. radio was the craze and I first discovered the wonders of shortwave radio listening.

Had I pursued my dream in earnest backthen, the entry level license I would have studied forwould have beenthe Novice license, requiring meto pass both a written exam and a 5 word per minute Morse Code exam. However, that era ended in 2000 when the FCC stopped issuing theNovice license.

In 2002 when I was first licensed [as KB1IAR], although I didnot need to pass a Morse code exam for the Technician license,I did need to…

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