Meeting Minutes 07/08/2021

Meeting Date : July 8, 2021

Start Time: 7:05pm

Members Present: Tim Allen KC1PDR, Stephen McGrath AA1HF, Josh Brown KC1KTX, Tim Watson KB1HNZ, and (Frank Krizan K5RN, Eric Emery N1RXR, & Tim Welch KA1VPU via Free Conference Call).

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking balance: $584.17, PayPal balance: $863.49, Cash on hand: $138.09, W1 QSL Bureau: $20.96. Motion to approve by Eric Emery N1RXR, Seconded by Tim Watson KB1HNZ, and approved by all present.

Old Business:

There were 18 members and guests in attendance at our last meeting, which was held June 10th, at Wassamki Springs Campground. The topic of discussion was final preparation for ARRL Field Day, which would take place the weekend of June 26-27. Several items were discussed, including what radio equipment to use, logging, antennas and antenna placement. Tim KB1HNZ went over the bonus point categories and all were covered. Steve McGrath AA1HF offered that his wife, Marilyn could cook dinner (Saturday) and breakfast (Sunday Morning), and the club agreed to provide a $200 budget for food and supplies.

Tim KB1HNZ mentioned that International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW), which is an event that the club has taken part in every year since 2011, takes place the weekend of August 21-22 this year. Tim has been in contact with the owner of Doubling Point Lighthouse, on the Kennebec River, in Arrowsic, as a possible lighthouse to activate. Doubling Point is a private light, and the owner seemed very interested in our interest to activate it for the event.

Brad Brown KC1JMH, asked if we had any club activities planned for July. Jason Andrews W1SFS suggested a Parks on the Air (POTA) expedition to Mt. Blue State Park (K-2307), with a cookout nearby afterwards. More info to follow.

After the formal meeting, several members walked out to survey the field day site, and especially focused on where to put Rick K1OT’s trailer and tower combo. Steve AA1HF offered to speak with Cindy of Wassamki Springs Campground, during the week to secure a location.

New Business / Announcements:

Josh Brown KC1KTX presented the Treasurer’s report, followed by Tim KB1HNZ reading the Secretary’s report in the absence of our regular secretary, Jason W1SFS. Josh KC1KTX made a motion to accept the secretary’s report, seconded by Eric N1RXR, and all voted in favor.

In New Business, the topic of the night was to reflect on ARRL Field Day. Tim KB1HNZ thanked everyone who contributed to the effort, including Steve’s wife, Marilyn, for her hospitality and for cooking for us all weekend, our Safety Officers, Eric N1RXR and Mike N5QYQ, everyone who helped us earn bonus points, those who helped us setup and breakdown the tents, antennas, and other gear – especially in the heat Sunday afternoon, and everyone who operated!

We logged 1776 QSOs, for a total of 2,966 QSO points, plus we earned 1490 Bonus points, giving us a preliminary total score of 7,422 points!

The discussion then turned to our upcoming POTA activation. Tim KB1HNZ mentioned a few possible dates, and the one that everyone seemed to agree on was Sunday, August 1st. Tim said he would check to see if this date would work for Jason, and once confirmed, we can formally schedule it. This would be a portable activation with no more than two transmitters. Tim KA1VPU offered to bring one that he’d like to try out. Possible antennas could be Tim’s BuddiPole, SOTA Beams dipole, or any other free-standing antenna. The site that we were thinking about setting up at is a scenic overlook, with no trees to use as antenna supports. We would operate on battery power, so extra batteries would be helpful.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:19pm. Josh KC1KTX made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Eric N1RXR, and approved by all present.

Open Discussion Followed:

Afterwards, Steve AA1HF showed off pictures of the weather balloons that he’s tracked down, and he talked about some of the techniques used to track them. He and Tim KC1PDR continued to talk about various ham radio related topics.

Tim KB1HNZ and Frank K5RN talked about their experiences at Field Day, portable antennas, and HF propagation prediction software.

Tim Watson KB1HNZ

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