Meeting On-the-Air Net Report – 06/18/20

Thanks to everyone who checked in and participated! We had a great turnout, with 10 check-ins!

The net started on time, at 7:00 PM, on the W1QUI 147.090 repeater. Net Control: KB1HNZ Tim, in Saco.
We had 10 check-ins:

KC1JMH Brad, in North Waterboro
N1RXR Eric, in New Gloucester
W1SFS Jason, in Scarborough
KB1FGF Dave, in Scarborough
KB1YYC Dakota, mobile in Auburn
N1KTA Tom, in Portland
KC1KWH Anne, in Waterboro
KC1SQ Todd, in Standish
KC1HBL Ben, in Buxton
WZ1J Steve, in Brunswick
N1KTA Tom, in Portland (re-check)

In Old Business, May’s meeting topic was to discuss the possibility of doing Field Day as a club this year. Not having a definite answer from Wassamki Springs at the time, we were researching possible alternatives for a location. Eric N1RXR’s family was kind enough to offer the use of their property in New Gloucester, if the campground location fell through. We also discussed ways to limit the amount of people that would be present during Field Day operations at the same time, and Tim KB1HNZ floated the idea of creating an operator schedule to accomplish this.

In New Business, the topic for the evening was a discussion about finalizing plans for 2020 Field Day, and some of the changes that would be made because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim KB1HNZ mentioned that a sign-up sheet was sent out via email and asked stations that checked in to check-ins to sign up not only to operate, but to adopt a bonus category to help with. It was emphasized that the operations would be of a smaller scale than in years past, most likely a 2A operation (two HF transmitters operating for 24 hours). Tim KB1HNZ also mentioned that Chris at CCEMA offered the use of the county’s communications trailer, if desired. Two of the net participants mentioned that it might be a good idea to have it on hand in case of inclement weather.

We also anticipate that there will be less public interaction with visitors, so this presents an opportunity to try something different, like live streaming, to reach new folks, especially to accomplish the educational portion. WSSM leadership will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation, and pay close attention to the guidelines offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as state and local authorities.

Eric N1RXR and Steve WZ1J told the net about a VE Exam that will take place the morning of Saturday, June 27th, at the Whitefield Fire Station, in Whitefield, ME. There will be two exams taking place at 9:00AM and 10:30AM. Participants must register for the exam. Click here for more information.

The other topic of the evening was when to restart in-person meetings. Tim KB1HNZ mentioned the possibility of meeting outdoors at the campground, starting sometime in July, and all of those who commented on the subject liked the idea.

Click here to sign up to operate a radio, help with setup or breakdown, or to help with a bonus category during Field Day.

The Net was secured at 7:37 PM, after a round of informals.





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