Self-Quarantine Simplex Drill 06/11/20


Don’t get bored. Get on the air! Join us this Thursday evening from 7PM – 8PM, on 146.580, for the “Self-Quarantine Simplex Drill.”

This will be a basic net to test coverage on 2 meter FM Simplex, and to exchange traffic using the ARRL Radiogram format. The topic can be anything you choose.

I won’t be on the air this week because I’ll be spending the next 4 evenings at work, moving network equipment into our new building, so if anyone can pick up Net Control duties, that would be great!

The drill begins at 7PM Thursday evening on 146.580 FM Simplex.

Next week will be the Meeting On The Air, on the 147.090 repeater. We’ll be talking Field Day details, and more, including the possibility of restarting in-person meetings in July.



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